Galadriel Mitchelmore

Words wrought to life with I-magic and I-magination.

Solitary delight in crafting poetry and prose. Of fantasy anchored in the Ordinary World. Magic and ghosts tantalisingly close if we but see. Trees have doors, meadows hold secrets and spirits go a walking where least expected.

Quantifiable side:

10-year career as Secondary English and Media teacher/ 2nd in Dept./ PST to trainee teachers/ Examiner for AQA

PGCE Secondary English with Drama from Exeter 2003

MA Roman Myth & History from Exeter 2003

BA (hons) English from Plymouth 2002

Diploma in Psychotherapy from the General Council & Register of Consultant Herbalists 1995

I now write full-time from a tiny writing studio at the bottom of an ancient castle. I'm also a member of Litopia, the online writing community.

The sometimes indefinable side, which happen to be the things I love:

writing (of course!), discussions with like-minded friends, unusual & archaic words, stories (especially ghosts, legends, folk horror, fantasy), natural magic, garden spells, trees, healing, journeying, seeking, MotherPeace tarot reading, cooking, strength training, Feldenkrais, animal flow, walking Dartmoor & coast with husband Andy, and vizsla Francesca, collecting shells, stones, wood & bones . . .