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FELL Wins Pop Up Submissions For a Second Time

After an irreversible video glitch on Youtube rendered Pop-Up Submissions 3rd of October 21 unwatchable, I was asked if I’d like to resubmit. Suddenly, it felt like the Universe had a plan in store for me. But, although I’d won for that week, what if I didn’t win this time? What if I came last? How one’s ego comes up! Yet, here was a second chance. Apart from Writingfromtheruins.com and Pop Ups, there is little, if not nothing, of me ‘out there.’ To feature on Pop Ups gives the possibility of being seen. And to be seen might open the doors to opportunity.

So, second time around with a tighter submission and beautiful narration by Emily Rainsford, I won with 81 points. I'm delighted. Really, quietly ecstatic.

Pop-Up Submissions | Special Guest Children's Author Mo O'Hara | Writing Tips & Critiques - YouTube

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