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Fell Wins Weekly Pop-Up Submissions on Youtube

I was delighted to win the week's competition run by Litopia's Pete Cox. I usually participate in the 'Genius Room,' giving out the criticism, but decided to give it a go myself. Some advice was that it's a tad over-written; I've taken that on board and will strike out the 'offending' words! However, I shamelessly revelled in the ego-stroke Jamie Mollart bestowed; that it reminded him of Sara Crowe's Bone Jack (which happened to be the only recent novel I could find that was comparative with Fell ). But high praise indeed to be compared to Alan Garner; so thank you, Jamie. Garner's books grace my shelf, and he writes my favourite kind of fantasy where the Other world/ fantasy realm bleeds into the 'real' world.

Praise from me must go to writer Becky Rhush. Her novel A Respectable Sin was the month's competition winner. I scored it high when it was on; an excellent opening, and well-executed.

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