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Updated: Aug 9, 2021


. . . to Writing from the Ruins, and my first ever blog post. I write poetry and YA fantasy from a tiny studio at the bottom of a mound that leads up to an ancient castle ruin. My writing is influenced by folklore and legends; dreams and visions; the landscape and the natural world, and the seen and unseen.

I have completed one YA fantasy novel titled Fell, which I’m seeking to publish. I also have a WiP titled Dule.

I have written quietly (and largely unseen) for a long time. And while my writing journey is quite old, building a website isn’t. Getting ‘out there,’ has always been something I’ve been reticent about doing. However, the timing feels right. It’s bringing a new energy into my work.

So, please acquaint yourself with my writing; I’d be very appreciative if you do! Expect the blog to evolve. I’m musing at present, allowing things to unfold naturally; letting the Universe determine the Plan.

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